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How sell my 4x4 car for cash

STEP 1 Enter Details The first step is to enter your vehicle registration number. Our system will then retrieve your vehicle details from the DVLA database. Alternatively, if you don't have your registration number you can follow the link to manually enter your vehicle details. Then simply follow the prompts and enter details specific to your car.

STEP 2 Accept Our Offer Your vehicle information is processed immediately and you'll receive an instant online offer for your car. This is calculated through the advanced software technology at the heart of†sell my 4x4 .co.uk,†which allows us to make a calculation based on your specific car details, and not merely an automated, generic price.

STEP 3 Fast Payment The fastest way to pay you is obviously cash. We can also pay you via electronic transfer from our account to yours. There is no charge for this service, and we make the transfer while our driver is at your collection address. Cleared funds are generally available within 10-15 mins.

STEP 4 Secure When selling your car, van or bike online, security is important. An important point to make here is that we will not ask you to release your car until you are completely satisfied with the deal.

STEP 5 We Pick Your Car Up FREE! Our unique payment & collection service is something that our customers have consistently told us they rate
particularly highly. First of all, itís free. Whatís more, you choose
the most convenient location for your car to be
picked up, whether thatís at your home, your
workplace or elsewhere. The selling
process takes between 15 and 30

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